Volunteering abroad

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Global Volunteer projects

Our voluntary projects abroad are min. 6 weeks long and open for all 18-30 year-olds

See the impact

You can see the impact you are making locally. Every project contributes to at least 1 Global Goal

Challenge yourself

Spend 6 weeks in getting to know a new culture. You will get to understand your skill set, strengths and passions

Friendships across borders!

In the project you will work with volunteers from around the world

Under the following images, you are able to find the available volunteering opportunities

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How to get started?


Create your profile here and choose the Global Volunteer option.


 Login and filter search results to find the opportunities based on the issue you are passionate about and apply proactively!


Sit for an interview with our overseas project managers. Show them why you care and ask them questions.


 Once you get approved to an opportunity, we can start the process of putting things together for your experience.


Attend an Outgoing Preparatory Seminar. Pack your bags, open your mind and get ready to challenge yourself.

Pricing of our programs

Browsing through our opportunities on the Opportunities Portal is free of charge. Once a match is made between the participant and the opportunity, the Global Volunteer program requires a 400 € fee.

How do you develop by volunteering abroad?

We believe that responsible leadership is the key to world’s problems. This is why all our projects focus on developing leadership in the youth of 18-30 years of age. These qualities are empowering others, solution orientedness, world citizenship, and self-awareness.

What are you doing for the world?

We are the first youth-led organization in the world that committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. All of our projects are tackling at least one of the SDGs.

We welcome you onboard!

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