Does your destiny define you, or do you define your destiny?

Why is it so easy to fall in the tracks that society so heavily makes us feel pressured for? Are we supposed to be satisfied for the first career choice that we are forced to do at such a young age? With these questions I have struggled for many years now. For all my life, I have valued independency, and to be that, I also felt the need to learn some mechanical skills. After junior high school, I decided to apply to a vocational school, to study automation technology.  After graduating from there, I was already then thinking, that maybe I would rather work with people.

My first choices for university of applied sciences were forestry engineering and restaurant & service fields. However, I missed both invitation letters, because I had recently moved away from home. I ended up being in the entrance examination to become an automation engineer. I had made it my third option, just because it felt to be the necessary evil based on my previous education.  Even a thought about a gap year, was impossible because I had this strong need to feel good enough for the society.

After university, I still didn’t feel that I had found my thing. I decided to continue studying my Master’s degree. I continued in the same field again, which I had already so stubbornly studied for seven years. In my first year in university of technology, I found AIESEC. I signed up for every possible club and organization I could, but AIESEC was the one that I stayed in.

Only in half year, I have learned more about myself than during my whole life. It is pretty unbelievable, how much right atmosphere and self-reflection can make you so much more aware of yourself, and all the opportunities life has to offer. Through opportunities and chances AIESEC has given to me, I feel that I’m on a right path. I haven’t had this feeling for ages, if ever.

I also like my job as an electrical mechanic, but mainly because of the people I work with. However, in this job, I cannot be there for those, who I have something to offer. Trough AIESEC, I have learned to understand, what are the most meaningful values for me, and which I want to implement in my everyday life. Being responsible is one of those.

Why shouldn’t I reach for a career, which I already put my free time on? As soon as I moved to Tampere, I started to search opportunities for volunteering. I’ve already worked for several tasks, for example recording audio magazines for hearing impaired, refugee activation team and helping to move people to another apartment. I usually also donate these monthly foundations for several organizations, like WWF, Amnesty, and the red cross, even if I never know for sure if it makes any sense. I just feel strongly connected to these kinds of organizations.

The biggest question, which has prevented me from doing a full turn in my career, is the time, that I’ve already spent to other things, social pressures, and fear of failure. What if I am not good with people, even if I liked it myself? What if I never find a job in the field that I am aiming for? Do I really need to ask these questions out loud? If I already have a possibility to work in a field, that I am only slightly interested in, what kind of possibilities does the field that I am truly passionate about offer? The field, that I would be ready to put my effort 110% instead of 74%?

Now, I have planned to apply for a more human centric field and to quit my studies in the university of technology. Because I am interested in globalization, I am going to take benefit out also from AIESEC volunteering projects abroad in my career planning. I am aiming to go volunteering in November, in project related to children or youth. Through that, I will have a better knowledge, what specific orientation would be suitable for me. Also, I have planned to do the study-related training through AIESEC if possible.

I don’t believe, that I could live with full peace of mind if I didn’t even try to reach my passion. The answer to the question; What if I am not good at it, is simple. I will borrow empower, this powerful word, that I heard in one of the AIESEC conferences.

It is possible, that I am not good working for people, yet.

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