Are you interested in volunteering abroad?

Hi! Welcome to our website. We are AIESEC and we want to change the world. Does this sound impossible and scary? Good. This is how we know that we are doing something great. Every year AIESEC sends 40 000 young people volunteering abroad. While these young people are developing themselves they are also developing the world. Every single one of our volunteer project abroad is tackling at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. However, 40 000 young people are not enough. Now it is time to develop yourself and the world!

5 steps to becoming a volunteer

Create a profile on our portal

Apply for projects of interest

Take part in a virtual interview

Sign the contract and pay the participation fee

Participate in a preparation seminar & you are ready to go!

Ready to look for projects?

I recommend the internship to everyone because it was a better than average way to spend a summer. I got to travel, to meet new people, but also to challenge myself.


You will gain new professional experience, get to know cool people, work in a really nice environment. I increased my cultural awareness and I realized the why we need to go for international internships abroad.


For me, this kind of experience is very valuable and it cannot be measured with money or something so tangible. It was very memorable and definitely worth it


I went to out of my comfort zone almost every day which was great! I learnt so many new things and improved my self-confidence.


I’m taking with me the friends gained for life, a lot of new experience and awareness about other cultures.


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