5 steps to build dream team for startup

5 Steps to Build a Dream Team for a Startup

If you’re a business leader, one of the most important things for you is your team: how to motivate people, how to make them more productive and how to find the right people for your company. But if you’re a leader of a startup company, it is doubly important to build a dream team, because 8 of 10 startups fail within the first 18 months. There is not so much time to become a unicorn startup, right? That’s why everything counts. You have to develop your leadership skills. And also your team should be not just a group of people working at the same office, but it should be a real dream team. Dream team for startup won’t appear out of nowhere, you should take some steps to build it.

5 Steps to Build a Dream Team for Startup


  • Look for complementary skills


You as a founder are one of the most important persons in startup team. This statement has it’s pros and contras. From one side only you decide the vector of development for your company. But from the other – you’re just a human and your resources are limited. You should analyze your strengths, your weaknesses, skills you possess and look for the skills you need for your startup to succeed. This will make your team complete. This is not only about some specific professional knowledge, but also about language and culture, if you want to start an international business or enter foreign market. In this case you will definitely need to hire international employee.


  • Define positions


Once you realized, what skills do you need, define the concrete positions, which you think you should have to build a dream team for your startup. Since startups usually don’t have big financial resources, you should not overman your team. If you have a co-founder, discuss the list of necessary positions with him. Also you can ask for an advise from some mentor or the person, who might be cognizant in this question.


  • Define part-time positions


Since all the startups in the beginning usually have limited resources for hiring, you have to use it very wise. This means not hiring some “stars” of the industry, but hiring some real professionals part-time, skilled contractors or hiring some professionals, who work as a freelancers. If you need someone from abroad in your team a good solution could be open some trainee or temporary position. They will create nice solutions or ideas, which you can implement with other employees working in the dream team of your startup full-time.


  • Find candidates


Once you have defined, who you need to build a dream team for your startup, you can start searching for it. You can use every opportunity to find the right talent: networking events, conferences, job fairs, internet. Just choose, what is more efficient for your sphere in general and for your company in particular. The easiest way is using social media pages. You can post a job description on your page in Facebook and ask your friends to share it. But also you should use LinkedIN for your startup as well. This is a great social network for professionals, which you can use not only for hiring, but also for promotion. If you want to hire internationally, you may need a help of agencies, since this process requires much time and paperwork.


  • Interview


One of the last steps in building dream team for startup is interview. You should ask questions you think are important for the position. For example, Elon Musk asks to tell the story of candidate’s life and the decisions he made along the way and why he made them. For you it could be more important to ask questions related to future responsibilities of the candidate. This part depends on the sphere your company is working and on the product or services you provide. In case of cooperation with agencies, you may have less interviews, since they usually give contacts of short-listed candidates, who will likely match for your company.


These are only first 5 steps to build a dream team for startup. The actual dream team demands constant work. Some people you’ve hired may leave within couple months, but you should not be upset about that, because they just weren’t a good match for your team. If you are thinking about hiring internationally, we can help you find your match.

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