5 life lessons you can learn from Home Alone

At this time of the year we like to watch movies. Some of them we have watched many times. But it is a kind of tradition to watch them again during the Christmas holidays. Among these films are definitely “A Christmas Carol” and “Home Alone” with Macaulay Culkin. Many people could not imagine Christmas without this guy. But have you ever thought about the life lessons you can actually learn from this movie? We decided to write a blog post about Home Alone and its lessons just before the New Year.


5 life lessons you can learn from Home Alone


  • Every situation can be considered as a good


Do you remember the story? The family wanted to spend Christmas holidays in Paris. A very typical situation. But… they have forgotten their son at home. An awful situation: a kid stays alone in a big house. He should be very afraid and probably even desperate. Instead of this he is very happy, because he could have a rest from his older brothers, cousins and other relatives, who have bothered him especially during the last days. He could surrender himself to despair, but instead of this he has found a good side in the situation and enjoyed the moment. So remember you can win from every situation. It is just a question of perspective.



Every time I watch this film I wonder what a fertile mind do children have. Do you remember the plan Kevin has created to insulate his house from robbers? So detailed and circumspect plan. Every business owner could be jealous about his planning skills. The most frequent mistake of young business leaders is lack of planning, especially in startups, where people usually think about here-and-now, but not about the future.


  • Situations can repeat until you will learn your lesson


There would be no Home Alone 2, if Kevin had learned his lesson in the first part. If he hadn’t been so self-interested (read: selfish), he would not have been lost in the airport in the second part. The lesson was learned not only by Kevin, but also by his parents, who hadn’t taken care of their son in the appropriate way… and they hadn’t prepared well for the trip, that’s why they had to pack in a hurry.  


  • Keep your head up


Never fall into despair, even if it’s not working out, if it seems there is no way for solving your problem. The solution could appear unexpectedly. When Kevin’s mother wanted to come to New York in the second movie (Home Alone 2), there were no tickets. But a folk band has taken her to come to the city in a van. You never know how the situation will evolve. Always keep your head up. Staying positive will make you more productive and healthier.


  • Own your mistakes


Do you remember how Kevin has admitted he was wrong wishing to stay alone for Christmas? Admitting your mistakes doesn’t show you’re weak, it shows you’re a wise leader. It is one of the most important things a business leader could do.


We hope that now you will watch Home Alone with different eyes, more consciously. But also take your time to make these things before the New Year.


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