5 leadership lessons you can learn from “Sully” movie

5 lessons on leadership you can learn from the “Sully” movie

There are some movies, which make us think about something more than the story shown in it, especially if we are talking about movies based on a true story. From those films we can learn lessons about life, business and leadership. One of those films is “Sully”, which shows us how to lead during the crisis times on the example of Captain Sullenberger, whose role is played by Tom Hanks. We decided to write a blog post about 5 leadership lessons you can learn from the “Sully” movie, since every startup company could be compared with a plane piloted by the business leader.



Probably, this was one of the most powerful phrases and one of the main leadership lessons you can learn from the “Sully” movie. Sully said it on the first meeting with commission of the accident investigation, which could not believe in the two engine incident, but it happened.  You can’t predict every situation, but as a leader you should be ready to act quick and make quick decisions in such situations. We have written that a startup could be compared with an aircraft, because it could fail as sudden as a plane could meet the accident. It’s a known fact that 90% of startups fail. But as a good leader you should make quick and wise decisions without panic to prevent such situations.


  • Stay strong in what you are believing


Another leadership lesson, which you can learn from the “Sully” movie is that there will always be people who will judge you, your vision, and your actions. As many men, as many minds. And many leaders usually suffer from the imposter syndrome. Everyone can feel like he is not good enough for some position, work, project etc. There will always be people who will think you haven’t deserved it. But on the other hand there will be always people, who will be just grateful for what you are doing. Keep in touch with them. Let those people inspire you on bigger things. And don’t let negative thoughts upset you. This takes usually a lot of energy, which you need for more useful things.


  • Focus on people, not money


Yes, of course you need to remember about your profit, but don’t forget why you have started your business. The actual reason was you wanted to improve people’s lives in some way. This should stay in the first place. One of the reasons why in the film they have started investigation of the accident were material losses of the airline company. Although people were considering this accident as a miracle on the Hudson and Sully as a Hero. Being a leader means caring about your team.


  • Own the results of your decisions


Don’t think about “What if”, you have already made the only decision, which was possible in those circumstances. After that you should consciously accept the results of the decisions made. In one of the meetings with the commission of the accident investigation Sully said: “I bet my life on it. I’ll do it again.” You should be confident in yourself to be a leader. Always be sure, you did the best you could.  


  • Care for others


This movie should be on the must-see list of every business leader. Sully is a great example of how leaders should treat their team. Do you remember how carefully he checked if everyone was safe? Every business leader could be compared with a pilot. As a pilot always cares about their passengers. This is an example of good leadership.

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