5 Differences between Generation Z and Millennials

Every generation has it’s own features, which differ from the features of antecedent generation. It is important for businesses to keep up to the times and follow to demands of the audience. Recently business leaders and business analytics were concerned about the consumption needs and behaviour of millennials. And the employees were breaking heads over the question, how to motivate millennials, who are bound to dominate our global workforce. Although this problem stays still up-to-date, there is another one appearing in the nearest future – the Generation Z. This is already another generation with its own patterns, different from the generation of Millennials. But first of all we should define who are the people of Generation Z.

Who are the Generation Z?

Generation Z, Post-Millennials, the iGeneration, Founders, Plurals, or the Homeland Generation, – this is all about the same generation of people, who were born after 1995. While Millennials are usually called as highly technically educated generation, these people (Generation Z) were born with a smartphone in hand. This fact defines their behaviour and customs.

5 Differences between Generation Z and Millennials

Every generation has its own particularities, which define behaviour, communication, life attitude, working life and other stuff. The main differences could be defined as:

  • Less focused

This generation has grown up in the world of media. Information flow was very intense and has speeded up through last 20 years. This kind of environment has brought up the iGeneration. They have to keep up with the times and have to keep up with the updates appearing every minute on web. That’s why it is OK to see the teenaged person checking different social media apps on their smartphone – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Have you ever thought why Snapchat is more popular among teenagers? Here is the reason. Generation Z is processing the information faster than Boomers and Millennials. They need to create a quick message and to see it also quickly.

  • Multi-tasking skills

Although Generation Z is less focused than Millennials, they are better at multitasking. They can process information faster, they can not be distracted by other activities. They can easily lead the conversation, write an article on their notebook and check Instagram. This is possible, because they are easily shifting from work to game.  

  • Entrepreneurial Generation

Latest surveys also show that the Generation Z are early starters, they don’t like wasting time even more than millennials. At the same time they appreciate independent work more. As a result – there are many entrepreneur-minded people among this generation.

Yes, these teens hate being disrespected. This happens because they are used to online communication, where nobody knows how old they are and what is their background. They can be experts in their own field, where they are treated as adults. And this type of communication they carry over the offline communication. That’s why Generation Z is also less tolerant than Millennials. They won’t give you a second chance, if something went wrong. So keep calm and respect the iGeneration.

  • Personalized communications

This generation uses social media very often, they share  everything online and don’t feel suspicious about it. But because of this they also expect personalized communication from brands they give preference to. So if you’re sending email with standard “Dear customer…”, you will just lose this audience.

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